About Us

L.W.P. Group, Inc. seeks to contribute to the how and the now. We enjoy improving how people live, work and play – today, in the moment. We actively craft hospitality and lifestyle concepts. We responsibly develop and manage the properties that house them. And because the important things in life are the things that endure, the urgency of here and now is balanced by a keen focus toward future, long-range success. 

Our work involves the combined passion and professionalism of a team with 60-plus years experience. It’s experience in all kinds of wild and crazy stuff, and yes, strong track records in this mouthful: “The residential and commercial real estate core competencies imperative to our mission, vision and philosophy.” (…apologies for the corporate speak)

Our work also involves pursuing meaningful, relentlessly fun projects. These inspire us, as a company, to ideate and innovate within our industry, honor our community, and serve our fellow residents and businesses.  



What We Do

L.W.P. acquires, renovates and manages existing properties in San Diego, California & Baja California, Mexico. These include:

  • A portfolio of award-winning hospitality & lifestyle brands committed to exceptional guest experiences in bi-national service-driven, design-rich environs.

  • A unique residential and commercial brand – Community@™ -- that provides peace, comfort and joy from the swirl of the world, the daily grind.

  • An eclectic and diverse collection of properties that stand for something; buildings with historic local significance—ones highlighting our ongoing commitment to urban preservation and restoration, and intelligent architecture and design.

Continued success at what we do helps achieve our ultimate goals to:

  • Generate real estate value through quality acquisitions or redevelopment of existing properties into higher and better uses.

  • Exceed the expectations of and actively benefit guests, investors and the community.

  • Create experience-driven concepts and brands, reinvigorate spaces and places, and spotlight beauty and function.



Core Values

At all levels, L.W.P. Group team players commit to daily business practices reflecting:

  • Excellence. We promise to maximize our collective knowledge and experience to achieve the best possible business and social outcomes.

  • Integrity. We operate in the spirit of honesty, openness and transparency in all of our relationships.

  • Innovation. We value and respect our predecessors’ contributions, while infusing our own architectural and design efforts with signature-level creative vision.

  • Collaboration. We emphasize hard work, teamwork, and communication in our relationships with investors, partners and vendors.

  • Community. We seek to participate in the traditions of and enhance the quality of life in the communities where we invest.



We never fail to embrace simple and profound pleasures as we Live, Work and Play.