Enjoy Life
About Us
L.W.P. Group, Inc. is an award-winning residential and commercial real estate developer. The company acquires, renovates and manages existing properties in San Diego, California, targeting urban communities considered ripe for long-term growth and stability. L.W.P.’s current portfolio is enriched by several buildings with historic local  significance—valuable holdings that highlight the company’s ongoing commitment to responsible preservation and restoration, intelligent architecture and design, and innovation.
L.W.P. Group seeks to generate value through quality acquisitions or redevelopment of existing properties into higher and better uses.
Live. Work. Play. These fundamental aspects of daily existence are referenced in our name, and collectively, L.W.P. Group properties aspire to be innovative and purposeful developments that enhance how people Live, Work and Play. We believe that life isn’t  dress rehearsal, but rather, is to be enjoyed here and now. By reinvigorating spaces and places, and restoring beauty and function, we seek to actively contribute to the betterment of our communities, our investors and ourselves.
Experience and Vision
L.W.P. Group partners with institutional and non-institutional investors seeking to increase the returns of their investment portfolios. Our team of real estate professionals has a combined total of 40-plus years of development experience, alone. This professional wealth and tenure allows us to research, identify, and purchase only the finest real estate. We look to not only achieve the highest gain possible, but also the best use of any chosen investment, which ultimately maximizes the financial rewards >
Core Values  
At all levels, L.W.P. Group team players commit to daily business practices reflecting:
  • Excellence. We promise to maximize our collective knowledge and experience  to achieve the best possible business and social outcomes.  
  • Integrity. We operate in the spirit of  honesty, openness and transparency in all of our relationships.
  • Innovation. We value and respect our predecessors’ contributions, while infusing our own architectural and design efforts with signature-level creative vision.  
  • Collaboration. We emphasize hard work, teamwork, and communication in our relationships with investors, partners and vendors.  
  • Community. We seek to participate in the traditions of and enhance the quality of life in the communities where we invest.  
Enjoy Life! We never fail to embrace simple and profound pleasures as we Live, Work and Play.
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