In 2009, L.W.P. Group expanded upon its years of award-winning, real estate development with the creation of Community@™, an affordable brand of urban properties. As San Diego continues its metropolitan renaissance, an eclectic populace with ever-evolving tastes, will require spaces of character and distinction. L.W.P.’s Community@-branded properties fulfill that need. 

The uniqueness of the experience begins immediately, at the entrance, with streaming music and rich visual detail. From there, members enjoy modern, boutique live-work environments married with resident services for maximum comfort and convenience. Also, as the name “Community@” suggests, they’re affordable residences and work hubs marked by tech-friendly common areas, seamless design and special events that allow shared interests to emerge and thrive. 

As of 2018, Community@ consists of seven buildings, featuring 185 multifamily residential units and 30 commercial units.