Deep respect and admiration for Mexican craft and culture thrive here – a merchandise showroom, pop-up shop and art gallery. The Gold Leaf Project is our version of “sharing” – not the buzzword, but rather, the rewarding act of recognizing, honoring and advancing what people make and what they do. Sometimes that’s street art. Sometimes it’s performance art. Sometimes it’s fashion. And often, it’s just unexpected goodness.  

Gold Leaf Project is what cross-border collaboration looks and feels like – the spotlight fixed upon innovators and companies that merit your attention. Our events reside within our Barrio Logan, San Diego indoor/outdoor environs at The National. They are designed to engage the senses and inspire curiosity and tell stories. Perhaps, more importantly, they deliver access to, among other things, limited edition works and custom products from skilled and talented makers. These are also dynamic, entrepreneurial men and women, who have become valued friends and partners. They trust us to curate and showcase their respective visions in fun, mindful and exciting ways. 

We welcome you to experience the Gold Leaf Project. From Mexico to San Diego…creativity and cooperation prevail.